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Job Search Links

Government Departments

These links are invaluable for job seekers who need advice about the benefits available and the help you can get from your local councils.

  • Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) - Responsible for jobs and benefits. The DWP website provides extensive information on the range of benefits and services for people of working age. Also includes pensions and retirement.

  • DirectGov – This great web site gives quick access to government information and services online. It includes an A-Z index of local government websites and is a goldmine for job seekers.

  • HM Revenue and Customs - Provides information about the UK's customs and tax department – a vital contact address if your employment circumstances change.

  • The Job Centre is an excellent resource for job seekers and has many jobs available on-line. It also provides information about benefits available to you as well as leaflets and other data that might help your job search.

Employment Advice

Good advice is generally hard to find when you need it, particularly at times of redundancy – the following two sites are priceless for good advice.

  • ACAS - Arbitration Conciliation Advisory Services – Employment Advice which includes information on the role of ACAS, contact telephone numbers, summaries of their publications, including Redundancy Advice, and some frequently asked questions.

  • Citizens Advice Bureau

Health Matters

Here are a few sites you can visit, which are invaluable for those who need a little support and help to improve their health when they have been made redundant or are in the job search market.

  • Counselling
    A site which provides listings of counsellors free of charge.

  • Samaritans
    A site and help line which provides immediate 24 hour support always with a friendly and helpful ear. Tel No - 08457 90 90 90

  • Relate
    A site which provides advice and information for relationship issues which at times of job loss can be stretched to the limit.

  • NHS Direct
    Health advice service for you whenever you have health worries. They have the knowledge and experience to give you real help and reassurance. You can check symptoms with the online self-help guide, and find out how to get health advice and medical treatment. Tel No: - 0845 4647

Money Matters

Money problems are often highlighted in times of job loss and redundancy, here are some sites which might help you reduce outgoing costs and make some money.

  • Money Help
    An extensive price comparison site, where you can reduce the cost of your bills by comparing many companies in one place. This site covers Money (Credit Cards, Mortgages, loans, savings and debt), Insurance, Travel, Energy, Broadband, Shopping, Mobiles & Motoring – a great site for cutting costs and expenditure.

  • Home Money Making Guide
    A product which provides all the information you need to develop a very lucrative business from home – an ideal start for those who want to go it alone.

Training and Education

Here are a couple of sites to review if you have decided that further training and education will help with your job search.

  • Department for Employment and Learning – Their aim is to promote learning and skills to prepare job seekers for work.

  • Apprenticeships
    Provides information on how to get an apprenticeship and highlights jobs and other essential information.