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How to Find & Keep a New Job Interview Questions & Answers Winning Job Search Techniques
How to Find & Keep a New Job Interview Questions & Answers Winning Job Search Techniques

About Us

These 3 e-books are based on my personal experience of working in HR or Personnel Management within a number of diverse businesses ranging from Government through Manufacturing to Publishing, having operated at junior to senior managerial and Board level for over 20 years and through a number of very difficult recessions. I have operated in family owned businesses, small/medium sized businesses and large Multi-National Corporations. During this time I have hired, trained and developed, coached and mentored many individuals to personal growth at all skill levels throughout their employment.

I have a Masters Degree in Strategic Human Resource Management and am a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development having always taken my own advice to re-train, further educate and extend myself – but most of all I am a hands on and applied front line people person very used to operating, guiding and advising at the sharp end – just the sort of person you need on your side throughout your Job Search and Career development.

I have constantly pursued my passion for learning, development, mentoring and coaching throughout my career and have trained, coached, counselled and mentored 1000’s of people at all levels from shop floor, supervision, managers and senior executives to individual entrepreneurs during that period.

I have also developed my skills, knowledge and experience over these years to manage company headcount and help others decide who to recruit, who to retain and sometimes unfortunately who to let go. What this has done though is enable me to know what companies and organisations really want and how they think when recruiting and retaining talented staff which allows me to advise you directly based on real life experiences.

I have now taken this important first hand knowledge and experience to write this essential guide for you - sharing with you the secrets which will not only help you find a job, but secure and keep it – in addition to guiding you on how to keep ahead of the competition along the way, gaining the promotion and all the rewards you deserve.

What I sincerely wish you is Good Luck in your future Career – what I offer you is 25+ years experience, guidance and advice to make that Luck happen.

My Major Achievements along the way included:

  • Setting the HR strategic direction for global organisations – with multiple offices worldwide, helping my last organisation to move from a loss maker to multi-million profits, and positioning the company for a very successful sale, providing excellent value back to the shareholders.

  • Creating and implementing context wide training programmes to add people value to organisations.

  • Devising, developing and implementing structure to achieve Investors in People and retained this over three reviews without error over a 9 year period.

  • Won the local Chamber of Commerce first prize for this implementation, beating all the local multinationals in the area.

  • Created and implemented a new Performance Management Programme – transforming staff and corporate effectiveness and assisting in the improved profitability of the organisation.

  • Created Mentoring programmes for high potential staff improving retention rates for high calibre personnel considerably. Over 50% of the individuals who attended these mentoring programmes received promotion within the organisation quickly either during or following the end of the programme.

  • Personally awarded two training prizes from the government for development programmes implemented in these corporations.

  • Substantially reduced costs of HR, training & development, security and facilities management consistently over six years, whilst improving the service to the Board and employees.

  • Managed and avoided all legal employment problems, having never been taken to an Industrial Tribunal.

  • Increased the level of personal talent by focused and improved recruitment and selection processes.

  • Created and oversaw HR departments in the UK, US, Singapore, Japanese, Dubai and Australian offices.

  • Improved profitability measurably from employees by talent acquisition and cost reductions.

  • Continually learned by attending training courses and further education, and passing knowledge onto others through coaching and mentoring.

Linda Moore