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Winning Job Search and Interview Techniques

Improve your Careers and Win the Job Search Race

Our winning Job Search and Interview Techniques Guide provides you with all the ideas you need to succeed in all careers, starting with your job search and writing a winning and memorable CV though to understanding and winning at every step of the interview process and securing new jobs.

.... find your perfect new job

In a weighty 150 pages, this essential extract from the How to Find and Keep a New Job Guide focuses on preparing for new jobs and careers and includes valuable tips on searching for and finding those perfect and unique new jobs which others just miss giving you the inside track on how to ensure you win the job search race.

This guide will show you and help you to very quickly evaluate the best ways to search for your perfect role – most at no cost to yourself and will even allow you to consider other more lucrative careers or routes to earning more money whilst employed.

.... Promote the importance of your past experience

Do you want to stand head and shoulders above other candidates and always get recalled? This guide shows you how important all your past experiences and current knowledge really and how you can really positively promote these valuable skills to do this.

.... do NOT DO this ....

Did you know there are things you should absolutely NOT do during your job search which will stop your progress? We will guide you through these simple mistakes which stop you being called for interview or worse still cause you to fail during the career development process.

.... how to excel at tests

Finally, we will show you how to take interview tests in your stride, with valuable information on how to easily and confidently deal with interview tests, assessment and development centres and personality and psychometric testing.

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