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Interview Questions, Answers & Top Tips

How to Succeed at Interviews

The Tough Interview Questions, Answers and Top Tips Guide has been extracted from the How to Find and Keep a New Job Guide and provides over 200 tried and tested interview questions, interview answers and an essential range of practical tips to ensure you succeed at interviews.

.... get guidance from someone in the job

The guide has been compiled specifically for job search candidates by someone who has spent over 25 years on the other side of the desk to the job seeker at interviews asking the questions, it explores and answers in detail the key information you need to be aware of to ensure you succeed at your interviews.

.... discover simple but deadly interview techniques

Of course, there is more to succeeding at interviews than just answering interview questions and interview answers correctly; we go further and show you the simple tips to make the interviewer like you right from the word go and listen to what you have to say.

.... make people want to listen to you

We teach you essential body language and verbal techniques which will draw people to you instantly, creating a winning environment for you to exploit and succeed in, at your interviews.

.... get your own personal crib-sheet of questions

Would you also like to have the choice of over 60 questions of your own to ask the interviewer? Well we also provide those for you too, as a sort of check list for you to copy so you are never lost for words throughout the whole process and are able to show interest and learn more about the important aspects of the company and job for which you are applying.

.... demystify the mumbo-jumbo

How would you like to be able to positively promote your skills and experience so they exactly fit the job for which you are applying? We will unravel some of the theories and mystique behind the interview questions you could be asked, explaining what behavioural questions are, why most companies use them and how you can succeed in answering these professionally and successfully at your interview making you the must-have candidate.

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