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How to Find & Keep a New Job

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This 300+ page guide shares all the career advice details and is an effective and proven approach for job seekers to obtain and keep a job. It is a complete and up to date job seekers directory sharing with you the inside information about what employers are really looking for when they recruit, promote and retain employees.

.... what you should and shouldn't do

Do you want to create a winning CV/Resume and want to know all the important (and not so important) stages to cover? We give you examples of what all job seekers should do.

.... get personal access to over 200 examples

Would you like to know how to conduct an effective and productive job search and the answers to those difficult interview questions and interview answers? We will provide over 200 of them for you as well as another 60+ of your own to ask.

Would your career benefit from access to a huge database of information on not only how to retain your job and keep your CV/Resume up to date, but seek promotion and salary increases even in times of down turn? This 300+ page guide is packed with this hard to find information from cover to cover.

.... discover the simple but effective behaviour methods

Do you want to take your career to another level by learning simple behavioural techniques and leveraging your abilities to make companies see you as an essential asset and must retain employee instead of another redundancy candidate? Our manual will guide you.

.... get hold of 'real-life' answers

The How to Find and Keep a New Job Guide provides real and up to date answers from the mysteries of interviewing, CV/ Resume creation and job search methods to revealing some of those secrets employers like to keep to themselves which enable them to find the very best candidates for their job.

.... get attitude

Additionally, we discuss the importance of your performance, your attitude, positivity, enthusiasm and motivation and what simple changes you can make to ensure your next dream job.

.... the winning mentality

So in short, we will give you information to motivate and encourage – including crucial insider tips to help you beat other applicants in finding your job and winning at interviews and to both keep it and improve your chances of promotion and advancement.

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